At each meeting of the Madison County Beekeepers Association, 5 minutes is devoted to “Beginners Corner”.   This time is used to answer any novice beekeepers questions, let him / her know what is normal and should (or should not be) happening in their colonies as well as advise what actions he / she should be taking at that time in the beekeeping year.


This information is for the North Alabama area.   If you are a novice beekeeper in other parts of the world, join a local beekeeping association and ask known experienced beekeepers for similar advice.


All advice is intended for the novice beekeeper.   More experienced beekeepers may have the skills to attempt practices not recommended for the novice.


Recommended North Alabama source for containers (jars & lids).


The Madison County Beekeepers Association meets bi-monthly thus Beginner's Corner is updated bi-monthly.    Click on the months below that you wish to view. 

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