Where to buy jars and other beekeeping supplies in North Alabama

The best and most economical source for glass or plastic container and lids is Dodson Farms in Columbia, TN, owned and operated by Jason Dodson.    Jason can be reached at 931 388 2420 Office or 931 698 4959 Cell phone.    Jason is a full time farmer and beekeeper so please call and arrange in advance to puck up supplies.    Jason has expanded his product line to include other beekeeping supplies.    Jason sells most common items like supers, frames, foundation, tops, bottom boards and a host of other Walter T. Kelley items.    His prices are Walter T. Kelley catalog prices + 20 %.   


Jason stocks the most common used plastic containers.   Due to the tremendous variety of plastic available he can not possibly stock all of them. 


Please support Jason's operation as it is a significant benefit to the beekeepers of North Alabama / South Central Tennessee.   It is in our best interest for Jason to be successful and stay in business.


If you are a member of the Madison County Beekeepers Association be sure and tell Jason as there are benefits in doing so.   Jason may require proof of MCBA membership in which case your current valid membership card is adequate.


A note to "old time" beekeepers.    Dodson Farms is all that remains for Glenn Stephens operation known as S&H Honey Farm.   At Glens death, his S&H operation was shut down and all of his property turned into a subdivision (Actually, the recession halted the subdivision, Glenn's farm is now just a bare track of land).    Jason was a long time friend and worked in the S&H Operation.    Jason has built a nice warehouse on his farm  immediately beyond (going north) where Glenn's was located.     If you have been to the S&H operation, Jason is within a few yards and slightly behind where Glenn's operation was located.    Glenn and Jason's farms shared a common property line.



Jason Dodson

Dodson Farms

2274 Nashville Hwy

Columbia, TN 38410

Phone: 931 388 2420

Click Here For a Map to Dodson Farms warehouse


Created 5/13/10 last updated 4/26/12 BRF