Practical Beekeeping Class 

 Anyone interested in becoming a beekeeper or that is just curious about honeybees and beekeeping is welcome to attend.    

This is a free class  

The class is intentionally scheduled after the busy end of year holidays are over and the pace has slowed for most of us.    January seems to be when most outside activities have slowed and the weather is more conducive to sitting inside a warm class room leaning about honeybees.    It also gives time to order your honeybees and equipment, get it built, painted and be ready to start beekeeping in early March, which is the best time to start beekeeping.    

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The class meets from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM in the auditorium at the Huntsville Public Library "main library" located at 915 Monroe St., In Huntsville, AL.

2016 Class Schedule

First Session Tuesday January 5, 2016
Second Session Thursday January 21, 2016
Third Session * Tuesday * February 2, 2016 *
Fourth Session Thursday February 18, 2016

 * The February 2 class was held on schedule but was cut short by the library closing at 8PM.     Since the fourth session is primarily review, types of honeybees and pollination, most of the pertinent information included in the third session will be covered in the fourth session.    Very little new information will be missed if the weather prevented your attending.   Most of the video series is available on YouTube by goggling "Honeybees and Beekeeping - A Year in the Life of an Apiary".   You may have to view it in pieces but most all is likely available. 

 (Class week days are dictated by room availability at the Huntsville Library)

Class sessions typically run the full 3.5 hours including a 10 minute break.    This is one class with 4 different sessions so in order to complete the class you need to attend all 4 sessions.       Each session is different.   Click here for additional information.

Bob Fanning

Phone: 256 883 9601

Chris Cambron

Phone: 256 509 6015

Class Location 


Main Library

Huntsville Public Library

915 Monroe Street
Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (256) 532-5940


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A special thanks or the Huntsville Public Library for their support and for providing the class room space that makes this class possible at no cost to the students.     This is a free class and no prior beekeeping experience is required.    It is open to anyone wishing to become a beekeeper as well as to anyone just curious about honeybees and beekeeping.


Class size is limited to 200 (due to fire code) so seating is limited.   


This class is based on the VCR video series by Dir. Keith Delaplane entitled:

Honeybees and Beekeeping - A Year in the Life of an Apiary

Published by the University Of Georgia

Click here to watch a preview of the video or go to and search on (Honeybees and beekeeping a year in the life of an apiary).


The class covers basic beekeeping fundamentals as well as all activities required by a new beekeeper for one full year in the apiary.


About the Instructors

Photos by Chris Cambron 

Bob Fanning  Chris Cambron 
 Bob Fanning is a retired engineer from Motorola.   He is a second generation beekeeper who owns and operates a 100-colony apiary in south Huntsville that has been in continuous operation since 1915.   He manages multiple "bee yards" scattered around the city of Huntsville.   He is a past president of the Alabama State Beekeepers Association and the Madison County Beekeepers Association where he presently serves on the Board of Directors.   Bob was selected Beekeeper of the Year in 1999 by the Alabama Beekeepers Association.  Chris Cambron still works for a living as a as a Natural Gas Service Line Supervisor for the Huntsville Utilities Gas division.     Chris has 20 colonies in several locations in the New Hope area and is active in honeybee removals from homes and buildings.    He has served on the Board of Directors for the Madison County Beekeepers Association.

A very special thanks to the Huntsville Public Library for hosting this class.


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