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This page is soon to be built.  

I do not own any restored classic cars but I have the following in line to be restored:

My first project will be the 1949 Chevy truck.   It is a little unusual in that it is a 3/4 ton but has a 3 speed column shift transmission.   This was my father's truck that he parked when he bought his new 1970 F-100.

I still have the F-100  - 75,000 actual miles - it is running,  license plate current, but has lots of small rust areas and one not so small that is on the leading edge of the cab just above the windshield.   Quickest fix would be to replace the cab top.    An ex-work mate and "Mustang expert rebuilder" - Ray Bryant - suggested finding a better body in a junk yard and scrap the entire existing body.    He is seldom wrong!.

The 1956 Bellaire was my college car.   It got me around, to and from the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama back in the early sixties.    It had beautiful sounding glass packs (translated - noisy) that I still have but are off the car.   I had a small problem passing the vehicle inspection when I reported to active duty in the army.   It sure felt good (after I replaced them) to drive around post and not have the back of my seat vibrate in tune with the engine!

I really liked driving the 1070 Pinto.   It has the 3 speed floor shift transmission.   Never was a hot rod but was fun to drive.   Perhaps I was lucky that I never got hit from behind however it does have the Ford factory recall "fix" that was suppose to prevent the car exploding if rear ended.

The VW was suppose to have been an economy car and was much better than the big iron V8s but when I parked it and bought the Pinto, the Pinto was much more comfortable and got the same mileage.   The Pinto never had any torque.   The VW had plenty.

I suppose that I still own a 1970 GMC, long bed, 6 cylinder with automatic transmission (that is a little unusual).   I purchased it from my brother-in -law in Hartwell, Ga. about 20 years ago and never had it moved to Alabama.   If he still has it, I probably can't afford the storage rent!

Except for the GMC, all of these vehicles were owned and driven new or near new by either me or a family member.   In the case of the 1968 Chevy, I kept it because it has a 327 engine.   That engine was worth more to me than the trade in allowed on the next car.   Especially with the 56 sitting right beside it.    One never knows when one might decide to speed up the 56!

Remember, I live on a farm so I can store junk or at least I could.   My little farm is now in the middle of urban sprawl.   I anticipate having to hide my vehicles either behind a privacy fence or inside a building that I will have to build.

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