Honeybee Swarm Removal

By Bob Fanning

Under normal conditions I will remove hanging swarms from your property at no charge to the homeowner provided they are not inside any structure (example - the walls - attic or soffit of a building) and they are accessible from the ground using a standard 5 foot ladder and 10 foot pole with a 5 gallon bucket on it.    They also must be within a reasonable driving distance from my home in south east Huntsville, Alabama.

For more detail give me a call at 256 883 9601 home or 256 684 1065 Cell.

I reserve the right to refuse to remove swarms without cause.

If you are in the Huntsville area and are unable to get in touch with me or would otherwise prefer to work with a beekeeper closer to your location.    I have a Huntsville area map divided into Zip code zones with links to phone numbers of beekeepers that remove bees in each zip code zone.

Click here for more information on why honeybees swarm, what information you will need to provide the beekeeper and a list of Beekeepers throughout Alabama that have advised me that they will remove hanging swarms.

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